Master Hsin Tao’s Talk at the New York Great Compassion Guanyin Transmission Ceremony

Master Hsin Tao’s Talk at the New York Great Compassion Guanyin Transmission CeremonyOn August 31, 2008, Master Hsin Tao conducted the Great Compassion Guanyin Transmission Ceremony in New York City. Master Hsin Tao has made a vow to continue Guanyin practice for his entire life, and this is the first time he has imparted this teaching in North America. It was an auspicious event, with some 300 people packed into the meeting hall.

Guanyin is a Bodhisattva who has a special connection with all people; as soon as she hears the sound of suffering beings, she comes to their rescue.

When I was 15 years old I heard the story of Guanyin as Princess Miaoshan, and was so moved by her compassion and spirit of self-sacrifice that I vowed to make her my life-long role model. Thus I have made Guanyin and the Dhāraṇī of Great Compassion the center of my practice.

Just where does life come from? Where does death come from? The Buddha saw that saṃsāra is full of tribulation, that life in this world brings much sorrow and little joy, and that we are all bound by the suffering of birth, aging, illness, and death. What is more, from time immemorial we have been tied to the wheel of life and death, haplessly coursing through the six realms of existence.

Modern science informs us that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to melt, and we can see for ourselves that natural disasters are common place around the world.

The Buddha discovered the laws which govern life in this universe. Because this is a “decreasing eon,” the stock of merit in the world is steadily decreasing. The Buddha taught that the mind is the key, and that the realm and circumstances into which we were born—“direct retribution” and “circumstantial retribution”—are the result of the karma produced in previous lives.

How can we avert disasters? We need to turn inwards, and see that everything is impermanent and changing according to causes and conditions; this will inspire us to practice diligently and avoid sowing seeds of suffering. We can avert disasters by practicing diligently and reciting the Dhāraṇī of Great Compassion. I hope that everybody will energetically and continually dedicate themselves to the Guanyin practice and the Dhāraṇī of Great Compassion, in order to increase happiness and wisdom, be free of tribulation, and finally attain Buddhahood. This is the mind of compassion.

Many people are haunted by fear and anxiety, and this is especially true in the wake of the 911 terrorist attacks. The Dhāraṇī of Great Compassion and tranquility meditation are two means for turning inwards and attaining inner peace. For world peace begins with a peaceful heart and mind!