From Enjoying Life to Creating the Good Life

Spirituality and evolution of contemporary society has become a major topic of discussion. In 2004, under Master Hsin Tao’s direction, research began on the “White Paper on Spirituality.” Moreover, Ling Jiou Mountain began to include in its Water-Earth Repentance Ceremony a section titled “Spirits of Those Who Committed Suicide” and initiated a lecture series on medicine, culture, and education entitled “Enjoying Life.” In 2007 Master Hsin Tao gave a talk at Beijing University in which he discussed the meaning of life with students who normally only hear about how to increase their competitiveness.

We are living in the age of globalization. Science and technology have become so advanced that our destinies are closely related. No person or thing is completely independent.

The media has a major impact on a society’s values. The values of capitalism influence economic, political, and social activity around the world. Such twisted values are transmitted around the world, encouraging desire and undermining the traditional spiritual values of the East. What is the right way to live? This is a question of great personal importance.

One’s life is like a rare seed; we need to consider how it should be nurtured.

I hope that all people will lead happy lives. Even when life brings all sorts of pressure and difficulties, we need to calmly accept them and overcome them.

Meditation helps one to clear away internal obstacles and experience inner harmony. When we realize that our relationship with others is one of interdependence, we naturally want to help others experience happiness, and we also learn how to let go. Interacting harmoniously with others puts us in touch with a certain type of energy, and we learn how to cherish all life and serve others.

In my own case, the energy I have for serving others comes from many years of meditation practice. The key to happiness lies in inner awareness. Meditation practice has taught me that I am not separate from others, and this realization gives rise to compassion and the desire to lead others out of suffering. Even though I’m very busy, because of my love for others, my heart is full of joy, and I share this joy with others.

I hope that the teachings of the Buddha will help all of you to enjoy life and create a better world for everybody.