Graded path of Dharma practice

Graded path of Dharma practiceGraded path of learning is crucial for Dharma practice. First of all, we need to understand that thoughts arise and cease – ever so transient. Then, we learn about making changes, but how? It is to take actions accordingly with the Buddhadharma and you will be on the right path.

Agama is the basis of Dharma learning. Only with a solid foundation can we expand our learning properly. Otherwise, we cannot locate our mind nor to analyze it – not to mention about stabilizing it and to develop prajna wisdom. Even if we may have an advanced knowledge, prajna wisdom cannot be shown without the basic reference points.

How do we develop prajna wisdom with proper reference points? It is through awareness, perceptions, and reflection. First of all, let’s make reflection a habit, a way of living, and our thinking process. Then, conduct your body, speech, and mind in accordance with the proper contemplation and views acquired. As a result, the right exertion ensures us to maintain right mindfulness at all times. Make it a habit to stabilize the mind and remain immoveable.

Again, this habit relies on introspection, awareness, and perceptions to transform. Without daily introspection, we cannot analyze our acts to see if we have improved or not. On the contrary, we’d know how to transform if we examine every thought with clarity. The most precious quality of Buddhardharma is the teaching on transformation. What is transformation? It is to see the truth of unarising and unceasing. Otherwise, our mind is constantly distracted by the outer situations and discursive thinking. Like a running stream, thoughts come and go, just like living and dying in samsara.

Dharma practice is all about changing oneself. Be used to the transience of arising and ceasing. Maintain your mind undisturbed to stay away from greed and attachments. It is crucial to cultivate a mind of spirituality. Everyone is troubled by afflictions and the inevitability of death, laity and monastics alike. We need to commit to the path of Dharma practice. If we just get by day by day aimlessly, we are losing time to practice. When death strikes, everyone must report to Yama without exemption. Think again, how much time do we have left to waste? Not much.

Use your time wisely to practice and reflect constantly. Let’s learn to cut through afflictions on the path towards the ultimate destination of enlightenment.