Love knows no National Boundaries as LJM dispatches Relief Support to Nepal for COVID-19

Love knows no National Boundaries as LJM dispatches Relief Support to Nepal for COVID-19
The Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society (LJM) made a donation of US$7.000 to the city government of Sankhu, Nepal, for the procurement of livelihood necessities to help mitigate the impact by COVID-19. On behalf of the 1,200 households that received support, Sankhu mayor Subarna expressed gratitude for the timely relief and formally recognized the spirit of the Buddhist compassion. Master Miao Yueh , an LJM executive in charge of the LJM Milarepa Meditation Center, supports the notion of riding out the pandemic by virtue of mindfulness. Center Manager, Mr. Hao Chen, dedicates himself to the belief that the long-lasting Dharma is the world's only savior and the Center is a catalyst to promote the LJM "Loving the Earth" ideal with concrete actions for ecology.

COVID-19 has severely impacted people's lives around the world, with lockdowns a common practice in countries like the USA, India, and Nepal. Many migrant workers lost their jobs and had to walk home over great distances, which has become a surreal but common sight associated with the pandemic. Having lost their bread-earning work, Sankhu citizens approached LJM for some much-needed help. Upon receiving the mayor's plea for help in a letter, the LJM Foundation of Charity wrote out a check of US$7,000 for emergency relief for Sankhu citizens.

Nepal was Buddha's birthplace, and it is also where 84 supreme achievers of the Vajrayana tradition attained enlightenment. In order to help conserve the holy sites for revitalization as well as to accommodate advanced Buddhist practitioners, the LJM Founding Abbot, Dharma Master Hsin Tao, instructed to establish the LJM Milarepa Meditation Center of Nepal. There are plans to help improve the quality of life for the locals in a three-way approach, i.e. upgraded agriculture, themed tourism, and cause marketing for charitable endeavors. The mayor of Sankhu thus became a close contact for obvious reasons.

In his letter for help, Mayor Subarna of Sankhu said to the effect that COVID-19 has been taking its toll on the city's people and there are 300 households beyond the government's welfare and/or emergency relief capabilities. It would require funding support at US$6,696 to purchase food items among other livelihood necessities to sustain the 300 households through the current run of the pandemic.

LJM Foundation of Charity CEO, TSAI Gao-Zhong, pointed out that charity knows no country borders and connections arise almost automatically when people have shared values and try to do good for altruism. LJM Foundation of Charity teamed up with Joy Foundation Nepal to help the Nepalis mitigate COVID-19, with the former responsible for the funding and the latter in charge of all logistics from procurement to distribution.

Dharma Master Hsin Tao has been steering the LJM "Loving the Earth / Loving Peace" campaign long-term, and the future University for Life & Peace in Myanmar aims at healing our Planet Earth by optimizing synergy between spirituality and technologies. The Milarepa Meditation Center of Nepal, on the other hand, will progress in a broad direction of an ecological park and as such, it will lend itself as a convincing showcase for the future University for Life & Peace in terms of physical embodiment of ideologies.

In order that the pandemic goes away the soonest, Dharma Master Hsin Tao gave the instructions early on that all LJM followers and associates recite and chant the Heart of the Shurangama Mantra. The Master also said that mantra-chanting and good hearts are our best PPEs. When we chant the mantras, our hearts calm down and peace follows. The world is at peace when the mind is at peace. As of May 10, the total number of chants by all LJM followers and associates of the Heart of Shurangama Mantra has accumulated in excess of 112,309, 781, and counting.