Major Events & Key Calendar Items 2020 Dharma Master Hsin Tao at 72

Mid-January /
Launching the second Winter School as a University for Life & Peace (ULP) pilot project at the LJM International Meditation Center at Yangon, Myanmar. The theme was ‘Healing the Earth -- A Transforming Act for Ecology & Technology.’ An off-site was built into the program that took all participants to the Shwedagon Pagoda to pay homage and hold vigilance in prayer for all life forms lost to the wildfires in Australia.

Late January /
A universal announcement was made to all LJM followers to make a collective effort in chanting the Heart of Shurangama Mantra to transfer the merit as an antidote against the coronavirus pandemic.

Late January /
A year-long retreat at the LJM Wusheng Monastery was launched following the end of the lunar Chinese New Year.

Mid February until late March /
Initiated the 49-day Spring Meditation Retreat at the Wusheng Monastery. The side event of a 21-day retreat for the laity became the first of its kind as a digital practice due to COVID-19.

Starting in early April /
The ‘Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance Dharma Assembly’ was held at the beginning of each month for three months consecutively over the WorldWide Web as a livestreaming feature with the transfer of merit aimed at helping to mitigate the pandemic.

Late April /
At the invitation by the Parliament of the World's Religions (PoWR), a video recording was made to feature chanting of the six- syllabled Sanskrit mantra of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ as part of the film production for the 2020 World Earth Day's Climate Change Prayer for the Earth to regain its vitality and for mankind to live in peace.

Late April /
Recitation and chanting of the ‘Great Compassion Mantra’ were given a goal to collect one million chants for the year 2020, but it was moved to be an online form under the banner of ‘Advanced Online Chanting@LJM.’

Early May /
At the invitation by the Vatican to join its co-initiative with the UAE under the banner of Higher Committee of Human Fraternity (HCHF) to manifest the ‘World Day of Triumph over COVID-19 via Interfaith Prayers for the Humanity.’ Master Hsin Tao joined the campaign as a Buddhist leader to promote vegetarianism, recitation of sutras, chanting of mantras, and meditation to transfer the merit to help mitigate the pandemic.

Late May /
The year's fourth foundation to the Air-Water-Land Dharma Assembly - the Jeweled Repentance of the Emperor of Liang & Yogacara Ulka-mukha Dharma service- was given a digital form of live streaming. Again, the transfer of merit was aimed at helping to eradicate pandemic-triggered suffering.

Early July /
‘Guanyin Manifestations Ubiquitous, Enlightenment Accessible to All’ was the theme for the 37th anniversary of LJM.

Late September /
The ‘2020 LJM Avatamsaka Dharma Assembly’ was held at the Sheng Shan Temple - the Lower Monastery of the LJM Buddhist Society. A pre-recorded message from Master Hsin Tao urged all participants to practice as prescribed in the Avatamsaka Sutra with a mindset of gratitude on their way of learning Buddha's teachings to ultimately reach Buddhahood.

Late October /
A ‘Reception for 30 Years of Service by LJM Dharmapalas’ took place at the Ho Ping sports stadium in Taipei and Master Hsin Tao was present via a pre-recorded congratulatory message to encourage all veteran Dharmapalas (i.e. patron protectors) to stay their course and continue to strive for world peace and sustainability.

Mid-December /
The 27th Annual Air-Water-Land Dharma Assembly was given its run at the Tao Yuan Sports Arena with a secular by-line of ‘Religious Empowerment Affords Spiritual Immunity’. The entire event back-to-back observed stringent government stipulations about COVID-19, and as such, it was also a grand online happening that shared all rituals performed at all altars on-site via live streaming.