The Global Inner Peace Movement

The Global Inner Peace MovementTranquility is the fountainhead of peace, it’s the source of all life and the power of regeneration. —Master Hsin Tao

The Global Inner Peace Movement is based on the love for peace and the world which issues from profound religious experience. It can also be seen as an extension of the ideals upon which the Museum of World Religions and the Global Family of Love and Peace were established—respecting all faiths, valuing all cultures, and loving all living beings. In 2003, out of gratitude for Master Hsin Tao’s compassion and indefatigable perseverance, his disciples at Ling Jiou Mountain inaugurated a program called “Meditation for the Masses” in Yilan, where he practiced austerities for ten years. In 2006, when Master Hsin Tao once again undertook a year-long fast and solitary retreat, the program was moved to Ling Jiou Mountain.

In 2008, while Ling Jiou Mountain marked the 25th anniversary of its founding, the presidential election in April of the same year brought much uproar and excitement to Taiwan. Noticing the mental disturbance people were experiencing and the increasing deterioration of the natural environment, Master Hsin Tao put forth his “Nine Ways for Loving Earth”: tranquility, love, dialogue, vegetarianism, recycling, energy conservation, carbon reduction, water conservation, and reforestation. The Global Inner Peace Movement can be seen as an extension of the Meditation for the Masses program to all segments of society. In 2009 the event was moved to the Daan Park in the center of Taipei, and everybody was invited to join in for nine minutes of tranquility meditation to settle the mind based on Master Hsin Tao’s teaching that “When the mind is peaceful, the world is peaceful.”

Declaration from the Founders of the Inner Peace Movement

Peace is the common goal of all humanity,
Loving kindness is the manifestation of the Human spirit.

We vow to respect all faiths,
Value all cultures,
And love all living beings.

In accordance with this vision, the Inner Peace Movement was founded to promote the reduction of noise, carbon emissions, and food-consumption in an effort to protect the environment and also to purify ourselves in body, mind, and spirit.

Let us join together in a spirit of mutual support and harmonious coexistence in order to establish a global family of love and peace.

The meaning of añjali

Añjali (placing the palms together in front of the chest) is a Buddhist and Hindu form of salutation which expresses sincere goodwill and is thus a highly powerful gesture. In making the añjali one encounters the heart of peace and makes a prayer for the wellbeing of oneself and the world. By starting with a peaceful heart one can then infuse the entire world with peace and harmony.

Three items promoted by the Inner Peace Movement

1. Fasting for the Needy. Fast for a day or skip a meal, and donate the money saved to the needy. (There are donation receptacles in the lecture hall at Ling Jiou Mountain.)

2. Meditation for the Masses. Join this event held every year just before or after Earth Day, or make a blessing on our Peaceful Mind, Peaceful World website:

3. The Nine Great Measures. Do your best to carry these out and regularly remind yourself to use Master Hsin Tao’s “tranquility meditation” to empty the mind for nine minutes, three times every day. Also, wear the “tranquility bracelet” to help improve your mindfulness and self-awareness. One side of the tranquility bracelet is white, the other side is red. When the mind is empty of distracting thoughts, turn the white side outwards; when the mind floats away from the present moment, turn the red side outwards. Each turn of the bracelet indicates a change in one’s inner state.