Wu Sheng Monastery

Wu Sheng Monastery
Wu Sheng Monastery is the headquarters of the LJM Buddhist Society. Chan Master Hsin Tao founded the monastery in 1983, after a long and rough retreat in caves. Wu Sheng Monastery is the upper monastery of Ling Jiou Mountain, and it keeps the looks of the natural state, humble and modest, in realization of the “love earth, love peace” philosophy.

Sangha is the pillar of Buddism, the sum of all teachings. Infrastructures such as the main meditation hall and the main vihara are the cultivation, learning and living space for sangha.

Visitor Information

Here is the sacred place for worshipping Buddha, hearing the Dharma, and meditating. Please do not frolic, burn joss paper or evoke supernatural spirits.

1. When visiting a Buddhist monastery please behave in a modest manner and refrain from making excessive noise and wearing revealing clothing.

2. Please do not harm any plants or animals, and refrain from littering.

3. Hunting, fires, and meat are prohibited on the monastery grounds, as are cigarettes, betel nuts, alcohol, and all intoxicants.

4. In order to arrange transportation and meals for groups, please contact the visitor center one week in advance: 886-2-24991100 ext. 3200.


Visitor Center:
The Visitor Center provides information on ceremonies, meditation, transportation, arranging visits, making offerings, lighting lamps, etc.

Dining Hall (Wuguan Hall):
This dining hall is for use by visitors. For the sake of environmental protection, please use reusable utensils and don’t waste food. Food donations are most welcome, and are a bountiful source of merit.

Cultural Gallery:
Located below the Founders Hall, the Gallery provides an introduction to Master Hsin Tao and Ling Jiou Mountain.

Milarepa Hall:
This rest area includes a gift shop providing books, Buddha images, mandalas, rosaries, incense, candles, and decorations. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.