International Meditation Centers

Maha Kusala Yama Monastery, International Meditation center, Naung Mon, Myanmar
Maha Kusala Yama Monastery, International Meditation center, Naung Mon, Myanmar

The development began in 2015 based on Chan Master Hsin Tao’s planning, “We’re building a Buddhist city, a university city. We want to improve the community with culture, education, charity and health care. With a complete education system, people will get educated and the city will prosper, and they will then go out to the world and sow the seed of ‘Love Earth, Love Peace’.

The Naung Mon Monastery has various facilities for health care, agriculture, orphanage, vocational school, meditation centers and retreat centers, which brings together organic agriculture, tourism, and Buddhist practice and promotes local economies, education, harmonious coexistence among tribes and the preservation of traditional cultures. We will make the Earth healthy, secure mankind’s continued survival. This program aims to cultivate talents with worldviews, respects for every religion and every ethnic group, and love for every life. They will be the seed for world peace.”

Maha Kusala Yama Monastery Elementary School opens in 2016 and has now taken in about 300 impoverished or war-orphaned child. Organic farms have been cultivated, and the city also offers free clinic and other supports through international cooperation.

The second phase construction includes temples, administrative buildings, cultural centers, meditation centers, and Buddhist academy, elementary and high schools, and sheltering centers.

Milarepa Meditation Village Pvt. Ltd.Shakharapur Municipality, Kathmandu, Nepal

This meditation center was built over the course of ten years next to a cave used by Milarepa, an eminent Tibetan yogi.

Colorado International meditation center, USA

Located on the town of Crestone,a remote plateau sacred to native Americans, this center is set to become a major venue for retreats and interreligious dialogue.

Chilliwack International Meditation Center, Canada

Located in the Rocky Mountains east of Vancouver, this site is ideal for meditation.