Master Hsin Tao of LJM inks MOU with IHE Delft for Educational Cooperation

Master Hsin Tao of LJM inks MOU with IHE Delft for Educational Cooperation
Master Hsin Tao, Founding Abbot of Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society (LJM) and founder of the University for Life & Peace (ULP), went online to sign an MOU with Rector Eddy J. Moors of the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE) for future cooperation in the space of education on water, sustainability, and spiritual ecology to save our planet. The virtual signing took place at Taipei time 19:30 P.M. on December 8. Former Taiwan Minister of Interior and water expert Professor Li Hong-Yuan was in the Master’s company for the signing.

The IHE is located in Delft, the Netherlands, with a singular focus on water resources aimed at facilitating the accomplishment of all water-related endeavors under the UN-sanctioned Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As one of the world’s largest campuses specializing in postgraduate education on water, the IHE offers a diversified range of short-term training programs besides credential-awarding studies for master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Professor Lee once taught at the IHE and introduced the University for Life & Peace to his then-colleague Professor Chris Zevenbergen. Together, the two academics endeavored to materialize the cooperation between the IHE and the ULP.

IHE Rector Eddy J. Moors commented in his remarks on the occasion that the signing only marks the beginning of cooperation in the domain of water, sustainability, and spiritual ecology, as it is hoped that the cooperation will lead to the offering of tailor-made, co-curated postgraduate programs with a meaningful impact on water resources, consolidating popular consensus en mass for action-taking to concretely help resolve the root cause of ecological crises.

Concurring with the IHE rector’s urge, Master Hsin Tao unveiled that the ULP has been created with the aim to help resolve ecological crises by virtue of ecological education - education of spiritual ecology, to be more concise. A broad picture thus sees the establishment of ecological ethics that evolve among sentient beings to respect the value of all forms of existence, being tolerant to the living space of one another while fulfilling all needs with love. It is desired that such education will repatriate humankind to the depth of spirituality. The Master further said that both the IHE and the ULP share a common mission in seeking to secure the Earth’s sustainability while being mutually complementary in their own domain of expertise. Put succinctly, it is hoped that the IHE’s wealth of experience in ecological education will join forces with that of the ULP in the education of spiritual ecology to jointly pave the way to solving issues of ecology to ultimately enable harmony, sustainability, and safety of planet Earth that we call home.