The Unveiling Ceremony of 108 Lokeśvara at LJM Sheng Shan Temple

•Late January - Early February: the Master undertook a journey to promote the Dharma in Myanmar with highlights that included participating in the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Dharma teachings by Bhaddanta Ponnyananda in the Lashio region; the Grand Opening of the Hall of the Reclining Buddha at Da Shan Yuan Temple in Naugn Mon and the Topping-Out Ceremony with symbolic installation of a Precious Umbrella for the Stupa of Virtues Granting Myriad of Bliss & Peace in commemoration of the fallen soldiers of the Chinese Expedition Army during WWII.

•​March: the Master led the Spring Retreat of Peace Meditation for monastics and laity at the LJM Wu Sheng Monastery.

•Mid-April: the Monastery invited Khentul Rinpoche Konchokwozer to give a special lecture series on the Middle Way (Sanskrit: Madhyamaka) entitled “Commentary on the Difficult Points of the Ornament of the Middle Way”.

•Late April: the Master gave teachings of Peace Meditation at the Lingshan Inn in Wuxi and the Bajiao Public Community in Fuzhou, before going into his solitary retreat to lead off the annual “A Million Great Compassion Dharani Retreat” at home.

•​Late May to mid-June: Master Hsin Tao flew to Europe to promote the Dharma. His first stop was to hold a think tank meeting in Reichersberg, Austria, for the University for Life & Peace, before conducting sessions of teaching of Peace Meditation at Stift Reichersberg in Austria and the Benediktushop Meditation Center in Munich, Germany.

•June: the Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society celebrated its 35th anniversary.

•Late June to mid-July: the Master flew to Southeast Asia to promote Buddha’s teachings. He first stopped at the Botanical Garden of Penang, Malaysia, to preside over the 3rd Peace Meditation-by-the-Thousand & Concert, and led a three-day Peace Meditation session in Kuala Lumpur, before going on to Johor to host the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new LJM facility to be named the “LJM Johor Meditation Center”.

•​Mid-August: the 25th LJM Water Earth Repentance Ceremony was graced by the presence of the most venerated Dharma Master of Myanmar Sayadaw Bhaddan Sandi Marbhivamsa, as well as His Holiness Kathog Getse Rinpoche, the seventh head of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, to symbolize harmony within the three major Buddhist traditions. The same venue was then the site for the 2nd LJM Life & Peace Concert.

•Late August: the Master went to Shanghai to host the Grand Opening of the Ho Chuan Space and visited Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, paying a courtesy call on Venerable Master Jue Xing, the Abbot of the Temple and currently Vice Chairman of the Buddhism Association of China, and Director of Temple Affairs Dharma Master Chang Chun.

•Late August: the Master led a LJM delegation of primarily the Religious Affairs Commission to pay tribute to Fu Guang Shan on the occasion of the birthday of Venerable Master Hsing Yun.

•September: the Master supervised the 10-day Autumn Meditation of Advancement for Monastics & Laity.

•​Late September: the Master arrived in Thailand to host the 6th LJM Asian Workshop of exploring LJM Traditions, followed by a personal visitation to the nation’s two highest-ranking monks--- Somdet Phra Saṅgharāja Sakalamahāsaṅghapariṇāyaka (the head of the order of Buddhist monks in Thailand) and his deputy.

•​Late September: the Master presided over the Grand Opening & Unveiling Ceremonies for a Statue of Avalokiteśvara with Thousand Arms & Thousand Eyes in the style of inheritance of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism at LJM Sheng Shan Temple’s Golden Buddha Hall, as well as for the 108 Lokeśvara (Guan Yin in Chinese) in bas-reliefs in painted red copper whose origin traces back to Nepal.

•​Mid-October: the Master received visitors from the Vatican --- Secretary General of the Commission for Religious Dialogue H.E. Msgr. Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot and his deputy Msgr. Indunil J. Kodithuwakku K. The Master then went to Korea upon an invitation to participate in the 5th World Congress on Chan Meditation held in Gangwondo, South Korea, and demonstrated Peace Meditation.

•​Late October to mid-November: the Master honored the invitation to attend the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto, Canada, and addressed at the Opening session on the topic of promoting the “Loving the Earth” campaign with a code of global ecological ethics founded upon the principles of the diversified symbiosis and interdependent co-existence of human beings.

•November 9: Master Hsin Tao led the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the Museum of World Religions in a series of “Loving the Earth, Loving Peace” events and activities, including the opening of a special exhibition on cultural artifacts of Theravada Buddhism. It was also the occasion when the Master requested the pleasure of the presence of the honorable Sitagu Sayadaw of Myanmar, together with many interfaith representatives and dignitaries of the foreign diplomatic corps, to pray for blessings for the world on the Day of World Religions.

•​Mid-November: the Master presided over the 6th LJM Short-term Theravada Monastic Retreat, as well as the 2nd LJM Short-term Theravada Monastic Retreat for Female Laity in Yangon, Myanmar.

•From late November to early December: the Master flew to Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia, to host the LJM Short-term Mahayana Retreat for Upholding Purifying Precepts and acted as the Upadhyaya (the master of novices) for guiding novices, hearing monastic vows and entrusting monastic precepts on ordinands.

•Early to mid-December: the Master flew to Myanmar to supervise the implementation of the 17th LJM Offering to 10,000 Bhikkhus in Myanmar.

•Mid-December: Master Hsin Tao met Mr. Graeme Maxton, Secretary General of the Rome Club.

•Mid-December: Tsoknyi Rinpoche, a tulku of the Drukpa Kagyü and Nyingma traditions and the holder of the Ratna Lingpa and Tsoknyi lineages, was invited to visit LJM and lectured on the Dharma teachings of “Dzogchen” (Great Perfection).

•Late December to early January 2019: the Master took charge of the Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation Retreat, during which he presided over the grand ceremony of sealing for storage and protection of Buddhist scriptures and classics into pillars of the Avatamsaka Hall.